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Did you ever think to get a free Tech Support from Microsoft team? Yes, you could get this services free by now from just answer.

Just ask your question and click on “Get an Answer” and the Tech Support Specialist will reply your request immediately.

Some sample answer is showing as image above.

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  1. I am able to delete the contents of a Database Table in Microsoft ACCESS 2007 (operating system is Vista Home and Student) but I am unable to delete the file name from the “OPEN RECENT DATABASE” list. Right clicking on the file name does not do anything. I have encountered a problem also with ACCESS where the file (table) opens greatly magnified, but there does not seem to be anyway of decreasing the image magnification. Can you help me please?

  2. Hi David,

    Normally the Open Recent Database list is the cache from your PC/Server where you may clear the offline cache and it should be resolved.

    I have no idea for the image magnify from Access 2007 as you may seek for Microsoft Expert from Just Answer. 🙂

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