Sharing: What WordPress Theme Is That

Do you ever wonder what is the WordPress theme used by your friend blog, or any site from the Internet?

With What WordPress Theme Is That site, you may easily track the WordPress theme used by a site.

1. Open your Internet Browser.
2. Navigate to
3. Enter the website you want to track and press “Check Site” button.

WordPress Pre Horizontal Scrollbar

When you are using Twenty Ten WordPress themes and wish to use the default pre tag to entered your needful script, you may directly use CSS style to define the line to be able to run horizontal scrollbar.

To get it done, you just need to use HTML style and enter the command as below.
<pre style=”overflow: auto;”> Code </pre>

To view how it look like, refer to the Mick Genie’s Technical Blog URL as below.

<pre style="overflow: auto;"> HighLightedCode </pre>