Windows Desktop hang or not refresh

Windows, a great GUI Operating System that surf for Billions of the user to get the task done easily.

However, the GUI desktop might found dead/hang and causing you are not able to done for any task. This could be found when you have a huge file to be copy or delete and you are going to perform the second task.

For this case, it is involve for the process called explorer.exe, to done it you may refer to the step as below.

1. From your Desktop, press Windows button + R to launch the Run command.
2. Enter “taskmgr” and press OK.
3. From the processes tab, killed the task “explorer.exe”.

4. Then Select File and click on “New Task (Run …)”, then enter “explorer.exe” and restart the Windows explorer.

Enable Side Tabs in Google Chrome

If you are the regular user from Mozilla Firefox, you might want to have these feature for your Google Chrome as well. In this guide, I am showing how it is done from Windows 7.

First, you may go to the Windows button and locate the Google Chrome that been installed, right click it and get the properties.

Next, add “–enable-vertical-tabs” to the last sentence of Target link and press OK.

Lastly, launch your Google Chrome. Right click and select on the “Use side tabs”.

Well done, you have done it.

How to Disable Zoom Level from IE

Some user ever asked how to disable the zoom level from Internet Explorer where it is something not really needed to show from their browser.

To disable IE Zoom level as image below, you may actually using the registry editor to disable it.

1. With Windows button and press run.
2. Enter regedit and press enter.
3. Go to the tree of “HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Zoom”  (If Zoom key is not existed, create one manually)
4. Right click and create a new DWORD (32 bit), named it “ZoomDisabled”.
5. Set the value to 1.
6. Exit Registry Editor.