Install Web Apps Gallery to WebSitePanel/DotNetPanel

To install Microsoft Web Apps Gallery to your WebSitePanel, you may refer to this article.

1. First of all, get the Web PI(Web Platform Installer).
2. Install it to your server.
3. Open the Web PI from IIS.
4. Find the Web Deployment Tool 1.1 and 2.1 and install it.
With this Web Deployment Tool, it will install the dependencies of SQL Server 2008 R2 Management Objects and SQL Server Native Client.
5. Check if you have MySQL Connector/Net version 6 and above. If not, install it from,
6. Now, you may enable the WebSitePanel Microsoft Web App Gallery quota and you could install them from WebSitePanel.

Microsoft WebMatrix Beta

Microsoft WebMatrix is a cool thing that allow you to easily support and install your application within your server without much knowledge on how to manually setup your IIS, database engine, etc.

With WebMatrix, you can easily install IIS Developer Express which known as IIS Express, ASP.Net (.Net Framework), SQL Server Express(MSSQL Express), etc easily and with just a click.

How to install WebMatrix?
As you know, Microsoft do have Web Platform Installer and you can look for WebMatrix from there.

Managing and maintain database engine.
– By using WebMatrix, you can easily maintain your SQL within the user interface.

Mick Genie still exploring WebMatrix and shall share more tips on WebMatrix 🙂

Delete IIS Web Sites, Applications and thier content with Web Deploy

When you install your Web App Gallery through Web Platform Installer, you might ask how to delete the application.

As Windows do not provide MSI or installer, hence you are not able to easily remove them from Window Programs Menu.

However, when you using IIS7.x and above you do come with Web Deployment Tool(Web Deploy).

There are two options depending on which node you have install to the IIS.
Web Site Deploy: Delete Web Site and Content
Application Deploy: Delete application and Content

A message will be prompt to ask you to back up everything before you delete it.

Faster PHP in IIS

Did you know Microsoft and PHP have came out faster PHP with IIS named wincache(Windows Cache Extension) last week?

This means that you will no longer see PHP process keep used up your memory if you are using IIS Web Services anymore.

How to get wincache? It is very easy, make sure that you have PHP5.2 or PHP5.3 installed with your machine. Even you may install Microsoft Web Platform Installer from your Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 machine to install it.

For more information, you may refer to the URL below for more detail.

WinCache Extension 1.0 for PHP – Release to Web

You might ask what is the advantage with WinCache extension? IIS (Internet Information System) have listed Wincache could increase the PHP performance on Windows by caching bytecode in memory, reduce file system I/O used in memory, etc.