How to reset Safari to Factory Setting

If you are using Safari 5 with your Windows Operating System, you will found out Safari 5 actually stored lots of cache, information, etc and result you Browsing quality reduced. You may avoid by reset the browser to factory setting.

To done this, it is quite easy and just need 10 seconds of your time.

1. Open your Safari 5.
2. Click on the Gear(option) and a drop down menu show.

3. Click on Reset Safari…

4. A Warning windows will prompt and you may select your need. Restart your Safari 5 and you have done.

Add Adblock Extension to your Browser

Adblock Plus, a popular plugin from Mozilla Firefox for years where it is more than 85 Millions user using it through Mozilla Firefox as a plugin.

It is now supported for Google Chrome and Safari as a plugin and it help to protect you attacked from the unknown script pop up or run in background when you surf a website.

Get the plugin installed to your Browser,

Google Chrome