Apps Sharing: Fring

Fring is an apps that operate for several IM application such as Google Talks, Messenger Live, Yahoo Messenger, etc.

Fring is known as multi-award application that could allow you to make free voice call and free video call from your Mobile device.

For more information, please refer to the BrotherSoft site as URL below.

Enable ActiveSync for Google Apps

ActiveSync is important for today mobile device as it allow your mobile device to get up-to-date messages.

By default, Google Apps do not enable the ActiveSync feature alhtough it is supported by Google Apps.

To enable Google Apps ActiveSync from your account,

1. Log into the Google Apps account.
2. Click on the Mobile Options.

3. Click on “Enable Google Sync” and Save it.
4. You have done it.

To Setup your Mobile device,
1. Use your full Google Apps email address as your user name (e.g. “[email protected]”) rather than just your username (e.g “user”)
2. Use “” as the Exchange ActiveSync server name.
3. Enable SSL.