All about Microsoft Help and Resources

Nowadays, customer support is important for a customer to ease them understand, get resources and help in short period. Even an Open Source application provided open discussion through the Internet.

Microsoft which provided license Operating System, application, etc do come with their Helps and Resource to public and user. You may refer to resource as below,

1. Microsoft Product Solution Center
Microsoft Product Solution Center provided Microsoft Product services and information.

2. Microsoft Answers
You may find or ask any question about Microsoft from Microsoft Answers site from here.

3. Microsoft Fix It Solution Center
The automated solution provided by Microsoft.

4. @MicrosoftHelps Twitter account
Follow Microsoft Helps twitter to get services from Microsoft.

Ask Question from Microsoft Tech Support for free

Did you ever think to get a free Tech Support from Microsoft team? Yes, you could get this services free by now from just answer.

Just ask your question and click on “Get an Answer” and the Tech Support Specialist will reply your request immediately.

Some sample answer is showing as image above.