Mick Genie ever posted iptables Handy Guide earlier. However there do not have clear guide on which function and it’s description.

Most of the Linux Operating System do come with iptables and it is used to control the packet traffic of a PC.

Iptables used to manage through chains and there are three type of chains
– INPUT : Control Incoming packet
– OUTPUT : Control Outgoing packet
– FORWARD : Control packet that are forward

In order to control the chain, you need some action,
– ACCEPT : To allow a packet
– DROP : To disallow the packet
– REJECT : The target packet will be stopped.
– RETURN : Go to another chain of table.


Remove Grub from your Box

I just faced this problem a moment ago, I have removed my Linux Operating System(Ubuntu) from my partition where I applied dual boot Operating System previously.

Somehow, I were removed the partition through disk management from Windows Vista and the error as below found once rebooted the box.

Grub Error,

Error 17.

If you get the same error and could like to removed Grub. Use the step as below.

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