Create your maintenance page with PHP

With maintenance page created, it is very helpful for a web programmer to perform the maintenance and other task if it is needed.

Actually it is very easy to create maintenance page for a PHP script, all you need is create a simple maintenance page with image or meaningful word with maintenance.html and php script with maintenance.php.

I will not going to teach you to create the maintenance.html where you may just put it as “ is under maintenance” or whatever.

Today, I will guide you the script of the maintenance function in maintenance.php.

function maintenance($mode = FALSE){


Go to your index.php or any other index handler page, add this to the line just after the PHP open tag.

Then, if you wish to enter maintenance mode, just add the following line after the require_once line.

IIS7 PHP Manager 1.0 stable version

If you read my earlier article here, you should know IIS got PHP Manager and it is now come with Stable version 1.0.

We should thank to  RuslanY, who designed the IIS PHP Manager.

PHP Manager 1.0 can be used to:

  • Register PHP with IIS;
  • Validate and properly configure existing PHP installations;
  • Run multiple PHP versions side by side on the same server and even within the same web site;
  • Check PHP runtime configuration and environment (output of phpinfo() function);
  • Configure various PHP settings;
  • Enable or disable PHP extensions;
  • Remotely manage PHP configuration in php.ini file.

With stable version of IIS PHP Manager, you are actually able to view the recommendations and fix it within a second.

Below is the bug fixed and change since BETA version.

  • Support for running different PHP versions within the same web site;
  • Functionality to set IIS default document to index.php;
  • Links to quickly open php.ini file and PHP error log file;
  • Detection of PHP registered via CGI or ISAPI;
  • Detection of PHP that is registered by using command line arguments in IIS handler mapping.

Scan Anti-Virus using clamAV

If you are cPanel user, you shall know that cPanel do allow addon some plugin named ClamAV and it is totally free to use for user.

Once you install the clamAV plugin, you shall be able to see Virus Scanner from your cPanel account, then you are allow to scan your file and folder if any file infected.

However, do you know that you could actually done it through SSH as well, by using clamscan command, you are able to scan your file.

$ clamscan index.php

index.php: OK

———– SCAN SUMMARY ———–
Known viruses: 788386
Engine version: 0.95.3
Scanned directories: 0
Scanned files: 1
Infected files: 0
Data scanned: 0.01 MB
Data read: 0.01 MB (ratio 0.00:1)
Time: 3.312 sec (0 m 3 s)

else, you may perform clamscan * for wildcard.

$ clamscan *

Where it will scan all of your file.

Email Icon Generator

Nowadays, you might getting many unwanted email message from your mailbox and you mark them as junk email(spamming mail). By the way, did you ever think how these email get your mailbox address?

Many of the times, the junk email you got came from any of your signature from forum, contest, etc.

Do you ever think to get an image signature such as below?

To get the said email address with image, you may easily get the image through Online generator.