Microsoft Download Manager for large file

To download Microsoft RTM Build, it might take you for years 😛 , maybe several hours. This might be facing interruption during the download process.

Microsoft come with a solution which Microsoft Download Manager where it is simple enough to use.

1. Download Microsoft Download Manager from here.
2. Just select the New Download button and you may now able to paste the URL to the Microsoft Download Manager.
3. You may do the setting as image above.

Microsoft Download Manager works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. Windows Server 2003 has not been specified as a supported operating system on the Microsoft website and supported browsers currently mentioned include Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

IIS PHP Manager

1 week ago, IIS come out PHP Manager to allow IIS user to easily manage their PHP setting easily through IIS with interface.

For some reason, IIS PHP Manager only supported IIS7 and above but not lower version such as IIS6 as an extension of IIS7. Get your PHP Manager here.
IIS PHP Manager x86
IIS PHP Manager x64

Get your feature from your website.

With PHP Manager, you are able to do the following thing.

1. Change PHP Version.
2. Configure error_reporting easily.
3. Set runtime limits.
4. Manage all setting with GUI interface.
5. Enable extension easily.

With PHP Manager, you can easily change the PHP version as image above.

With PHP Manager, it allow you to enable the error log easily as well.