Adding multiple Google Account

Many people do have multiple Google Account where Google have never restricted anyone could have 1 account only.

It might be very annoying when you got to log into your account from different browser and type your login credential time by time. So, Google provided multiple sign-in feature to their users.

1. First of all, log into your Google account,

2. Select on the Personal Settings,

3. Select on the Edit button from the “Multiple sign-in”.
4. Do alert that the multiple sign-in will only work for Calendar, Code, Gmail, Reader, Sites and Voice only.
5. Turn on the setting as attached below.

6. Now, check on the right top there and you will see there is a way to allow you to sign in to another account.

7. Well done, you have done it.

WHMCS Email Piping with Google Apps Mail

If you are using WHMCS as your ticketing support and you wish to connect to Google Apps email. You may go through this article.

With this article, Mick Genie assumed that you have the WHMCS installed and work properly. At the same time,  assume that you have the email created with POP mail enabled and MX record pointed to Google Apps Email server.

To check if you have POP mail enabled, refer to step as below.

1. Log into your mailbox.
2. Select on Settings on top right of your Internet Browser.
3. Click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab.
4. On POP Download section, select on “Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on”.
5. Save it.

In the WHMCS department setting, configure the email setting as detail below.
port: 995
user: [email protected]

If you done the above setting and still failed with error below,

An Error Occurred: Can’t connect to,995: Connection refused and Host: Email: [email protected] An Error Occurred: Too many login failures.

Try to perform telnet as detail below if the connection from your WHMCS server allow port 995.

telnet 995

1. You may try to check if you have firewall and may allow port 995 if it is working.

Gmail Attachment reminder

Do you know that Google Mail (Gmail) contain automatic reminder if you forgotten to attached the attachment together with your email?

Not only certain famous email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc contain this feature but today, Gmail do have such feature as well.

Some keyword that will track if you have forgotten your attachment will be as below,

  • I have attached
  • I’ve attached
  • I have included
  • I’ve included
  • see the attached
  • attached file

GMail adds Drag and Drop Image Insertion

GMail just picked up another feature which adding drag and drop image insertion feature with Picasa value added feature to GMail and you are now able to insert the image through the post directly through the GMail webmail interface.

However, Google Team claim that this feature only supported for Google Chrome browser at the moment and Mick Genie have tested it is working well. 🙂