SilverLight OS – SilveOS

Did you wonder how your friend or colleague working/playing with their Internet Operating System?

Now, you can get your free account by accessing SilveOS from your Internet Browser.

First, register your account and it is very simple!! You may just enter the username, email, password and security question.

Then you may get your Web Based Operating System as your need such as Internet Browsing, Games, RSS Feed, etc.

Firefox Master Password Timeout Manager

If you are using Mozilla Firefox all the way, did you ever use the master password feature available by the Mozilla Firefox?

For me, it is very important as I saved all my password to my browser without finding them from any password manager where might waste my time to reach the password as all of them using different set of password.

But, have you ever found out it will be not secure if you might have something urgent and just left your desk for minutes and your password might be sniff by someone directly from your PC; even though some of your colleague, friend, etc trying to fool you through your Facebook/Twitter account?

Get the Master Password Timeout Manager addon from Firefox Plugin and it’s allow you to set the timeout session of the master password.