2010 Editor Pick Software

2010 is going to past soon and we are prepared for 2011. You might wonder what is the useful software ever available for the user by 2010.

As brothersoft.com’s editor pick, you may refer to Brothersoft Winners 2010: List of Editors Pick Windows Software for more information.

If you interested for more link, refer to here.

Brothersoft Winners 2010: List of Editors Pick Windows Software
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Brothersoft Mobile: GrooveShark 2.1.3

Days ago, Mick Genie ever share on the Brothersoft Website and I’m now decide to get weekly review of their download site. 🙂

Today, I am going to share some mobile Apps from Brothersoft Site.

As previous review on Grooveshark from Mick Genie site at here, it is a site to share the music which is legal from the Internet and you may now install Grooveshark with your mobile.

Grooveshark 2.1.3(posted 22 November 2010) is a mobile apps that supported for Android Operating System and it fixed for several bug.

If you interested this software, please download it from here.

Brothersoft.com Link Exchange

Yesterday, I was invited by brothersoft.com which known as Top Three professional software download websites in this industry and they claim that it is a software download site with over 63,000,000 unique visitors per month.

If you have never visited brothersoft.com, you may do it by now.

While waiting them to provide me a more professional ads unit, I have started this post in advance and added the free link article as my site top right hand site ads.

It is good to have link exchange as I could help brothersoft to promote their site to my visitor and they could get me to be more famous as their promise to get my site to their useful link as URL below.