Get the server variable from ASP.Net

It is very often a developer or programmer want to know the system/server variable of a server that without their right to access to the server back-end.

With ASP.Net, you could get the server variable through scripting.

When you need these information from your IIS based server, create a aspx file named variable and place the script as below based on C# or VB.


<% @ Page Language="VB" %>
For Each var as String in Request.ServerVariables
Response.Write(var & " " & Request(var) & "<br>")


<% @ Page Language="C#" %>
foreach (string var in Request.ServerVariables)
  Response.Write(var + " " + Request[var] + "<br>");

Well Done, hope this is useful for the programmer.

Upgrade from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008

First of all, you gotta understand the need of Windows Server 2008. To upgrade from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008, you must read the following article.

If you meet the requirement to upgrade to Windows Server 2008, you may proceed to upgrade it as step below.

1. Insert Windows Server 2008 CD.
2. Select Setup.exe to run it.
3. The wizard will should go through the upgrade. (If you have error, properly you may need to run in compatible mode)

If you have the compatible issue, you may go through the step as below.
1. Select Start button, point to Accessories, and then click Program Compatibility Wizard.
2.  In the wizard, click Next.
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Run ASP.Net with cPanel

Nothing is impossible for Unix and many of the users do not know how to run ASP.Net framework from cPanel.

With this article, I will teach you how to enable ASP.Net Framework from cPanel, but before that, you must be the server owner/administrator for the server that tried to install this and have/have not setup the server.

To run ASP.Net(.aspx) from Apache, you may install third party component to support the ASP.Net. cPanel included a feature called EasyApache and EasyApache allow user to install third party component named mod_mono and mono project that make the possible for ASP.Net run in Apache.

For more information for the support component from the Microsoft .Net Framework, please refer to the mono default web page, Mono Project.

To run EasyApache, run the following script from root by using shell will do.
# /scripts/easyapache