Howto: Fix cPanel Web Disk problem on Windows 7

By fault, you will find out Windows 7 do not supported the Web Disk function. To overcome the problem, you might need some third party software such as WebDrive, BitKinex or NetDrive.

However, this article will show you how to fix this problem.
1. Download here from Microsoft Download Center with the installer.
2. Get the installer and install to your PC.
3. Now, you may continue to configure your Web Disk.

References: cPanel Documentation

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  1. This patch made my WebDAV problems worse. It is not intended for and does not help on Windows 7. After trying to resolve this patch making my problem worse, I found the following note, which happened to appear in the KB article you referenced:

    “Important – Do not install this Software Update for Web Folders on a Windows 7-based machine. The Update cannot be un-installed and can lead to an unsupported Windows 7 system.”

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