How to Add Google Adsense to your Tumblr

Recently, more and more friend are using Tumblr. Since it is a free blog and have never restricted to add ads to the free blogs. You may think of to add Google Adsense to your Tumblr.

Below will be the exact step,
1. Log into Adsense.
2. As I am using New Interface, you may follow the select “My Ads”.
3. Select on “New Ad Unit” button.

4. Enter the needed field and the important part is to set the Size with “Other – Square 250 x 250 – Square”.
5. Save and get code.

6. Log into Tumblr, click on customize button and select Themes.
7. Look for

<div id="bottom"></div>

8. Paste the Google Adsense Code after the above line, update it.

9 Your Google Adsense is showing as image above.

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5 thoughts on “How to Add Google Adsense to your Tumblr”

  1. hi, i was wondering, what if i wanted to put another square 250×250 ad under the 1st ad? what should i do? thank you so much for the help appreciate it.

  2. Hello Sir, Do you need to own a domain name, or the hosted one like will do? I’ve seen some are being rejected because of the domain issue.

    1. For my case, I own a domain when applying Google Adsense and I just use the code to my tumblr account.

      I believe that it should be no problem if you have some useful content from your tumblr and Google might approve it.

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